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CrematoryParts.CO, Incinerator Parts, Pinellas Park, FL
Your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered. When you place an order, we will estimate delivery dates based upon the availability of your item(s), shipping method selected, and your shipments destination. Our shipping charges are determined by the weight and size box required to ship your order, excluding applicable sales tax. Our cut off time for ground shipping is 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. Orders placed after 4 PM will be shipped the following business day. If your need is urgent, next day air shipments can be processed as late as 6 PM Eastern Standard Time by calling us at (813) 461-4645. 

Tax (estimated for the United States (US))
CrematoryParts.CO only charges sales tax on items sold in Florida. Entities that purchase products from CrematoryParts.CO outside of the state of Florida hereby agree to pay the Use Tax on those products to the state in which they have nexus. Use Tax is defined as a tax on the storage, use, or consumption of a taxable item or service on which no sales tax has been paid. Use tax is a complementary or compensating tax to the sales tax and does not apply if the sales tax was charged (Sales Tax Institute, 2018).
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